Events | Zalora 3rd Anniversary

Duane Bacon Zalora Anniversary

Zalora, the superb online shopping destination, celebrated its 3rd year anniversary last March 23. Along with its achievement to carry around Local, international and home grown independent brands; Zalora presented us yet another wave of innovation, proving that they are indeed Asia’s Leading Fashion Destination.
Aside from the Fashion Show let me introduce to you ZALORA: NEW IN

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Personal | A Complemented Kind of Unfinished Business

Dave Franco Vince Vaughn Tom Wilkinson

I was invited by a friend during the premier of Unfinished Business, to be honest Im wasnt expecting that I’ll be bursting out of laughter from one act to another.

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Digital Lifestyle | Get HOOQ with 10,000 movies and TV Series on the go!

Globe Entertainment Hooq

HOOQ will change the way people in emerging markets consume and enjoy entertainment; as Globe recognize the value of “Video-on-demand” services deliver to consumers. Globe telecom will provide its customers with the ability to download HOOQ, which will soon be available to customers on a plan based service for 199Php per month, which includes access to Ten Thousand of movies and titles from partners such as Sony and Warner Bros.
Subscribers will also get the chance to enjoy Hollywood Movies and TV Series and not to mention, Local Films and TV  Contents made possible by media partners such as GMA, Regal Entertainment, Viva Communications and ABSCBN. Isn’t it amazing that we can enjoy Movies and TV Shows we loved from the 90s up to the latest, anytime anywhere.
HOOQ is a regional video on demand subscription service by Signgtel, Sony and Warner Bros. HOOQ will deliver over 10,000 Holywood Block Buster and Popular Local Programs to customers anytime, anywhere by enabling them to stream and download their favorite shows on their devices or platform of choice. Click here for more.
Globe Telecom is a leading full service Telecommunications company in the Philippines, serving the needs of consumers and business across an entire suite of products and services including mobile, fixed, broadband, data connections, internet and managed services. its principals are Ayala Corporation and Signtel who are acknowledged industry leaders in the country and in the region.
At the same time, similar to HOOQ, Globe Telecom has also participated in producing innovative mobile applications that fit in with the dynamics  of the modern digital lifestyle available for all demographics.
For more information check

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Digital Lifestyle | It’s Never Too Late to Peek A Woo

Date Valentines Single Love

We cant deny that we had finally reached the Love Month! the month where Singles rave for a special someone or rather celebrate Halloween of the 14th! but it’s never too late! here’s a dating application that Globe Telecom introduces and with the support from Kick Start, it’s called PEEK-A-WOO where basically WOO means “To Gain the Love or To Please Someone” and the app is just as simple as it was branded.

Date Valentines Single Love  IOS Apple App Application

Currently the app is only available for the Apple IOS, but! don’t fret! everyone has the chance to pick their woo, how? well to begin with, the app has actually started from a dating web site and since everyone spends more time on mobile apps, they created one that suits for the modern yet conservative “woo-ers” and it’s amazingly impressive since you can give gifts(as in real life gifts) using this app, it may be a flower, a cup of coffee, movie passes and the likes.

Lifestyle | Rejuvenating Creative Juices in Inkfest

duane bacon art ink fest festival


I know this Post should fall under “events” but this year, I’ll make it to a point that going to arts related events should be penciled in my monthly schedule.
In our career, we also have our own limits and getting burned up is next to being unproductive in a daily basis. then, here comes the point when we started to indulge for a film or stress eating, yeah effective yet pricey, so why not rather pass by art galleries or events right?
To be honest this will be the first time for me to engage my self with some of the local art community, face to face, it’s really different compared to just seeing their art works along our social media feeds, but the moment you engage with them, it rejuvenated my close to drought creative juices.

InkFest 2014 Art Illustrator Alabama Cubao Philippines Travel

InkFest 2014 Art Illustrator Alabama Cubao Philippines Travel Inspiration

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Events | Globe Gen3 Store Launch

Globe Gen3 Launch Ernest Cu


Globe Telecom always take us wonder by wonder as they set new global Standard in retail experience. Last December 15, Globe has simultaneously unveiled two of it’s Generation 3 Stores and it was shared via simulcast in SM North EDSA – Manila and in Limketkai Mall – Cagayan De Oro.

These Gen3 Stores offer new and world-standard differentiated experience. They are actually home to various lifestyle zones with stories and features waiting for us costumers to be experienced 😃

See! I got the chance to spin during the store launch! haha!

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Grooming | How To Wear Your Beanie

Fashion Men Style Duane Bacon Beanie Holidays

It’s the season where beanies are more often included in our #OOTDs aka Outfit Of The Day haha, It may be at Baguio or just enjoying the cold weather around the Metro by night, colorful or not, Beanies can fit any fashion archetypes. So I decided to show you guys how to wear it even the basic way of putting it on probably could add up in polishing the look.

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Lifestyle | Visit Estancia Urban Flavors!

Estancia Urban Flavors

Estancia Mall Ortigas  Capitol Commons

Capitol Commons, Ortigas & Co.’s newest and most popular development, surprises the shopping- and food-loving crowd once again after opening the doors of Estancia. The mall, poised to become an urban style sanctuary and the home of destination retailers, spans over 30,000 square meters in three levels.

Estancia means ‘to stay a while’. We built it to create an atmosphere that celebrates food, fashion, and entertainment; we built it in such a way that people will indeed be drawn to stay and linger at the mall,” says Cathy Casares-Ko, General Manager of the Shopping Centers Division of Ortigas & Co.
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Angel Locsin Elmo Magalona Starwars Folded and Hung Fashion PhilippinesEnrique Gil, Fashion, Philippines, Folded and Hung, Actor


#STARWARSxFOLDEDANDHUNG COLLECTION is your Wish List no. 1 this Holiday Season!

The moment I heard about the Starwars x Folded & Hung, It was a no doubt “Yes Im coming with or without the invitation!!!” haha that was my reaction since I am very much of a big fan of Starwars series and not to mention the collaboration was just in time! as the 7th installment is about to land in theaters so keep on reading and you”ll see interesting pieces! Like the leggings that I’m eyeing before anything else 😃

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Notario Publico | Mismanaged PR Cherry Bustamante Burwell x Sandstorm2014

I did not expect this issue will spread like a wild fire and to be honest, this will be the 1st time I’ll be writing about a certain experience with a PR Officer. Quite alarming that I don’t want it to happen to other bloggers as well. I know sometimes PR Officers/Media et al. has this negative impression over bloggers and the bottom line is “You Invited us and that makes us a TEAM” and you know what to do when have a TEAM :D.


If you’ve seen the flooding rants on facebook after the sand storm event, haha I bet you already have an idea but I just want to focus on “OUR” issue, it’s between “US” the bloggers VS the PR OFFICER(?) Also Known As Cherry Bustamante Burwell. Well I will only talk about “What Happened to me just to keep the focus of this story”.
I was honestly Offended. basically in the “new media” it’s more about cross deals, no Monetary involvement. So we are only after the “Experience” and Bloggers exist because people look up to our opinions and that is one reason why my main blog uses “.me” extension.
To sum up, “I felt like” I was sold to Jabba the Hut then slapped on the face with the statement: “Hi I need a blogger! so you’re in? okay! good luck with the event okay? I already got the account, I got paid and I dont care about you anymore haha!” Without my co bloggers, I dont know how would I make it alive out of that pit! haha that was the best team building!

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